🛍️ Shopping experience made simple and familiar by intergrating Macy's products with Tinder swipes!

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Shopping is an experience; made it simple and easy to use!

What can macysExpress do?

A personalized product that helps you find and buy clothings based on your preferences

This app was created at SF Hacks 2019. We wanted to make the shopping experience simple and familiar. Something that is similar to your favorite apps like Tinder and Pinterest. We tailored the app to Macy's and dynamically load items from their API. The app can track user's shopping experience and offers you the items you liked most on next iteration.



Demo - Try it on Expo



Getting started

git clone

yarn install

expo start

expo ios

expo android


In case you have any feedback or questions, feel free to open a new issues on this repo or reach out to any of us @bhaveshc20 @anlai2 @mitulsavani @jkhusanov on Github.


updated on 04/13/2020 by Mitul Savani