🐶 Social Network app for users to post pictures of their pets to share it with pet community

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What's Daug?

Daug is a fully functioning Social Network mobile application for pet owners to post pictures of their pets and share it with community.


Demo - Try it on Expo


Used React Native AWS3 library to let the users upload a new profile picture. Additionally, I used React Native Elements library to build UI, React Navigation library to handle navigation, and packages such as react-native-modal and React-Native-Keyboard-Aware-Scroll-View to improve UI.

Designs and Inspiration

Intro, Login & Sign Up screens are based on Robinhood App.

Profile screen is based on Instagram.

Social Feed screen is based on Facebook and Instagram.


Learn more about the milestones of the product and how I achieved them.

Milestone #1

Milestone #2

Milestone #3

Wrap up

Future Ideas

Would like to implement Redux in the future to better manage the state. Also would like to add themes to the app to enable light/dark modes, and overall make the app more dynamic and functional.

Getting started

git clone
exp start
exp ios
exp android


For any other questions about this repo in general please reach out to @mitulsavani on Github.
PS: Feel free to fork it if you find my app interesting.